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  • Om Prakash's life has changed completely. With the help of little girls dresses on sale Satyarthi's BBA, he has rescued child labourers in Rajasthan, helped poor children learn for free in schools in Rajasthan, fought alcoholism in villages and battled for equal rights for girls for which he was honoured in 2006 with the International Children Peace Prize and more recently in November as one of the top seven influential youngsters.

    I was very happy that soon the troubles of the world would be over, and we would all be living in a restored Garden of Eden. When I turned thirteen, I remember feeling cheated because Jesus was going to come any day and I was all for that, but I wanted to live my life as it was a bit longer.

    "This lady came out of her room and told her she knew CPR so she started giving him, and this old man walked out of his room and said he was a nurse and he flipped the kid over and was patting him on his back and rubbing his back and thats when the ambulance arrived," Armstrong said.

    A picture of a vintage propaganda poster with the Armani logo grafted onto a red Communist flag, was posted by one Weibo user with the sarcastic caption. "You can only call yourself a true Communist when you wear Giorgio Armani Junior." Many of the comments revealed the resentment that some Chinese feel for those connected to the party elite who have become rich as a result of free market reforms which have diluted the Marxist theory of the Maoist years. Others questioned Liu's credentials and implied he was too wealthy to speak at a meeting on state education. One person who posted a picture of Liu commented: "He can only represent the upper class, he should be representing the grassroots". Another added: "What problems/questions do people wearing designer suits have?"

    There's hardly an inch of free space on, under or around Graham Denny's desk in the back room of the Felixstowe charity shop he founded and runs. His computer vies for room with clothes, shoes, handbags, toys, ornaments and assorted pieces of flotsam and jetsam from the lives of countless donors. It may look like a jumble of disordered clutter but a few minutes in conversation with Graham reveals the opposite is true.

    But the surprising heart of the supporting cast can actually be found in Elizabeth Banks as the clownishly attired Effie Trinket. She may be the steward of the District 12 Tributes and she may be a part of a ritual that is undoubtedly barbaric, but she genuinely sees herself as something of a mother to both Katniss and Peeta and it surprisingly endearing to watch as she realizes she likely to never see her again. It wonderful work in a role that could otherwise have been lost underneath layers of garish costuming and makeup.
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