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  • A. I worked for a family company the first 17 years of my fashion kids clothing free shipping career. This family (in Columbus) has got a special touch. Every board meeting, they turn to myself and my colleagues who run other businesses that are part of the Bradley company and thank us for what we do and what our teams do day in and day out. I told them recently that you can't appreciate how much that means to me and the team that I get to work with every day, because in today's business world that just doesn't happen. People don't say thank you. I feel honored to get to do what I get to do and, hopefully, we do it in a manner that Mr. Turner and the family is proud of.

    I cook when I am free things like chicken gravy, fish, pasta, eggs, vegetables etc.My phobia: I have a phobia of ghosts. I really get scared when I am alone in the lift at night. I keep a supari cutter under my mattress (there is this belief that if you do, you won't get bad dreams).My favourite drink: BeerI love hanging out at: Friends' places, because you can be yourself.The most frequently played song on my iPod: I am more of an FM person.

    For her part, Kris has insisted she never knew the extent of it, and had assumed Jennersometimes liked to wear women's clothes: "When I met Bruce, he told me that he had done hormones back in the early '80s. This was a conversation that took place in the early '90s. Bissinger went into a tirade against Kris, accusing her of using "crocodile tears."

    "We were desperate. He (Taylor) mentioned to burn the clothes. (I said) Let just chuck them away, I wanna go to the Consulate. He wanted to burn it so I didn complain. I was so sad, somebody just lost his life, we didn know, I didn know anything," Connor told the court.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it's interesting. You lured some feminists to the Republican ticket, which you might not expect. I mean, feminists have typically been Democrats. By feminists, I mean some of the farther left. But you lured some of them. But if you think about it, a woman on the ticket is very exciting for women. Why do you think that you didn't get more women? I mean, you're a working woman. You've been successful as a governor. Why do you think some women probably weren't lured to your ticket?

    "I wanted to write a book about three women who had decided not to have children." she says, speaking from her home in Los Angeles. "That was the book I was going to write. Then I had a child and . . . it was like motherhood, I couldn't escape it." She called her editor and said: "I have to give one of these characters a child, 'cause I can't not write about being a mum."
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