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  • Of course, it's only natural that a collection this eclectic high end flower girl dresses offers a few disappointments. Indeed, early on, California Shorts presents a remarkably unremarkable story about the adventures of a lonely fire spotter from the usually far from commonplace T. Far worse is Laura Kalpakian's clich portrait of a deranged Vietnam vet in "Veteran's Day."

    That's worked pretty well to keep kids, both I think in reducing for those kids recidivism, but also for keeping (down) our numbers in the detention homes. (The number) has been so high that the sheriff is having to drive to Cordele today. . They're going wherever they can find a bed, Cordele to Marietta to Fulton County, wherever they can find an open detention bed because Columbus stays full, pretty much. Columbus . really is intended to hold children while they're waiting to go to court. But a lot of the children are serving their sentence there because they don't have beds in other places. We're a catchment area. It's not just for Columbus. LaGrange and other cities feed into the Columbus catchment area. It's a real problem.

    Well, I always knew I wanted to go into something creative. Though initially I was studying to be a doctor, the lab coat never attracted me much. I eventually graduated from NIFT in 2002 and went to Mumbai post that. There I worked with leading designers like Manish Malhotra, Aki Narula, Rana Gill and Pooja Nayyar to name a few. After being a part of the industry for around four years, I eventually did my first show, GenNext Lakme Fashion Week in 2006.

    While that may have been the direct inspiration for G the magazine's one man staff and self proclaimed deaditor in chief says this peculiar example of fanboy fetishism reflects a way he's been seeing the world since childhood. where a photo shoot involving, well, girls and corpses had just taken place.

    Astronomers believe that massive yet short lived stars in and around large interstellar clouds are essential for this ongoing process of star formation. At the end of their lives, massive stars explode as supernovas, seeding the surrounding area with dust and heavy elements that will get taken up in the next generation of stars. These explosions also provide the kick necessary to initiate a new round of star and planet formation. The nearer proplyd is having its planet forming dust and gas blasted away by the radiation from the star. The farther proplyd is able to retain its planet making potential. Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF; B. Saxton
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