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  • 26 Apr 2018
    Actually many website have been trying explain various ways of formatting essays in Harvard style to students so that they can understand but failing to understand that students would require a sample in order  to understand the concept fully. Our website offers guide to Harvard essay format because Harvard essay is the most used format for essays writing by various scholars and professors around the world. This is why at studentshare all these are put into consideration since they want to reach out to every students needs. In writing essays in Harvard style there are various rules that should be put into consideration since it involves specific requirements that  should be organized and follow very strict instruction. There are various criteria followed when writing Harvard essay’s and include: First when writing the essay its heading should be placed at least mid way below the page and should be written in capital letters. Below the title of the essay a student should consider write the name of author at most three lines below the title. Another key point that should be considered is writing the name of the class which should be written four lines below, and leave that next line for the name of the school. Additionally you should not forget about writing the city and the state where you are situated and the date of writing the essay. All these should be seen in the cover page since it will give anyone information about the author in the question. If a student requires more information about other related essays apart from the Harvard essay formatting he/she should simply check our free essay database in our website. All helpful tips will be explained there and moreover, one can ask for help from our live chat option. Therefore when writing the main essay one should make sure it’s entertaining and more fascinating. You can either consider starting with a quote that would grasp the attention of the reader. The introduction should directly reflect to the thesis statement that is being talked about. If you are stuck and you lack the proper words to begin you essay you can always look up at our site for the free essays database which are strategically arranged. Conclusively, the body is always the easy part for every student to go about it therefore after outlining the correct information to be used you should let your ideas flow on your paper. Finally, the reference should not be left out this is because it’s essential part that should be considered when writing an essay. If you tend to forget on the correct formatting a Harvard essay you can generally visit our website and you will gather relevant data on that. Moreover, there are also samples that will help you differentiate with what you have written on paper before you submit your paper for marking. At studentshare all academic services are offered for the students at a cheaper price, thus students should consider seeking help from our site.    
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  • 27 Jul 2017
    Homeland Yale University is a small city of New Haven is located between Boston and New York, in the state of Connecticut. The city has about 130 000 inhabitants. Yale University President Richard C. Levin, a resident of New Haven with thirty years of experience, speaks of the city as a "large enough not to be boring, and small enough to be cozy." By the way, if you need essay writing service just click on link! Undergraduate Secondary School Certificate with discharge estimates; Extract estimates for the last six months of training; SAT Examination results (2100 - 2370) or ACT (30 - 34); 2 SAT Subject Tests; 2 academic recommendations; Confirmation of the level of English - TOEFL ibt 100 or IELTS 7.0; The University may request the passage of the interview; Portfolio for creative specialties. The official deadline for all documents - 31 December. Magistracy Bachelor's degree with an extract of estimates and an average score of 4.8; Motivation letter; 3 recommendations, at least one of them - academic; The results of the exam GRE (depending on specialty); GMAT Exam Results (depending on specialty); Confirmation of the level of English - TOEFL ibt 100 or IELTS of 7.0; Financial information about the availability of funds. The official deadline for all documents depends on the specialty, for most programs - 15 December. Depending on the specialty university may request additional documents. Campus The university consists of the main campus (342 acres), sports grounds (100 acres), golf courses and nature reserves (515 acres) and the West campus (136 acres), which is 7 miles from the city center. The campus is called "one of the most beautiful in the world", his buildings reflect the history of the University and represent different architectural styles: colonial, Victorian, Gothic and modern buildings. For accommodation offers 12 residences, two of which are for freshmen. By 2013 it plans to open two residential residences. University students produce a large number of magazines and newspapers, including the Yale Daily News, manufactured since 1878, and the Yale Record, is the oldest student humorous USA magazine. Art On campus located art gallery, Center for British Art, Natural History Museum, a permanent exhibition of musical instruments. University Museum collection have weight in the world and employs more than 180,000 works of modern and classic masters Sport The University is part of the National Student Sports Association (NCAA Division I, IAA Football) and Athletic Association Eastern College (ECAC). Yale University annually participates in 35 regional sports competitions. Inside Sports University life even more diverse. The campus is held annually more than 1600 different events. Yale University is sponsoring about 50 sports teams, the most famous of which are male and female rugby, water polo, skiing, taekwondo, ballroom dancing, horse racing bikes. About 20% of all students involved in regional competitions and more than 50% take part in competitions. About the Author: Anna Benefit is a blogger. She is from Toronto. She recommends this articles: Yale University Academics & Research
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  • 01 Dec 2018
    Essay writing is an essential aspect of academic life, both as an assessment tool and a chance for students to learn new concepts and overcome challenges. Essays, if written the way your lecturer or instructor wants, could earn you high grades. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to write essays especially at higher levels of education. Students are faced with various challenges when tasked with an essay writing assignment and may end up delivering sub-standard essays and eventually fail. From personal experience what you do not know is that the entire process involved in writing your essays should include: Read the question Reading and understanding what the essay requirements greatly determine the essay outcome. Most of the time, when students fail their essays, they did not entirely comprehend their essay requirements. In case you do not understand the requirements, it is better to seek clarification early, before the writing process. Brainstorming Also defined as tossing out ideas, is the best way to get creative with any writing task. Brainstorming if done correctly can be the deciding factor between a lackluster essay and a high-quality essay. Brainstorming helps you identify the best points for use in the essay and to some extent the paper topic. When selecting a topic, you should settle for one that has relevant and appropriate research materials to use in your assignment. Conduct research According to the topic you selected for your essay, you should collect relevant research materials to support your essay ideas. Carrying out in-depth research helps you stay focused on the main theme of your essay while still staying on track with your essay requirements. Outline and plan your paper You should plan out the structure of your essay beforehand to ensure that all aspects of the essay are catered for. Planning your outline provides you with a system to keep track of all headings and subheadings needed to address all the ideas within your essay. Draft your essay Using your research materials, start adding relevant materials to your essay. Remember to adhere to your essay structure. Try to break down the process into sections not to overwhelm yourself with too much information. The main idea of drafting your essay is to fill out content into your pre-identified essay structure while providing a satisfactory explanation and supporting evidence for all your arguments. Revise your draft Always take enough time to review your assignments for any mistakes that may undermine its quality.  Revising your draft provides you with an avenue to correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and other common writing mistakes. During this step, you can also improve the flow of ideas and sentence structure to capture the reader’s full attention. Proofread and edit In conclusion, you should proofread your essay from the perspective of a reader and evaluate its effectiveness in putting across the desired message. You should conduct this step at least twice and edit your content where necessary. Nonetheless, if you do not feel up to the task, do not worry, you can get the best writing essay service to deliver your papers on time and to the desired quality.
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